10 January 2024

7 Game-Changing Tips Every Parent Should Know About School Involvement

Parental involvement in a child's education is synonymous to success. At Brilliant Public School - Vasundhara, Ambikapur, being a top School in Ambikapur we understand the parent’s role in nurturing a child's growth and development.

23 January 2024

Is Your Child's Education Missing This Vital Ingredient?

Education is more than just textbooks and rote learning. It's about nurturing holistic development, instilling life skills and preparing children for a future filled with possibilities. But is your child's current education system providing all the vital ingredients for success? If you have any doubts,...

29 February 2024

Nurturing Brilliance: A Glimpse into Brilliant Public School Vasundhara

Established in 2001, Brilliant Public School stands tall as a beacon of educational Excellence and for creating individuals. Guided by the mantra of 'Igniting Wisdom,' this institution has carved a niche for itself, embodying a holistic approach to education that ...